Government and Military

Government and Military

Quality products, reliable service and cost-effectiveness make Arrow-Magnolia a natural for all levels of tax-supported entities— the military, cities, counties, schools and states. They depend on our chemicals for cleaning and maintaining streets, sewers, equipment, interiors and exteriors of buildings – and especially for cleaning and thereby protecting their taxpayer’s investment in all rolling pieces of equipment.

From the heavy-duty needs of lift station, sewer and drain maintenance to our full line of grounds products, we work extensively with city and state government maintenance engineers.

For those interested in maintaining county roads, we offer a complete dust control and soil stabilization solution in our Road Boss program.

Anyone responsible for maintaining equipment will find a complete line of vehicle maintenance products—aerosol and liquid cleaners, degreasers, solvents and lubricants as well as the latest in highly concentrated and cost-effective washes and waxes.

The strength of our institutional line has led us to an enviable position when servicing school systems and the myriad problems they deal with. From hard floor maintenance to restroom service to dealing with spills and vandalism, we have the product solution you need.

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