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ROAD BOSS SC is a unique formulation of chemicals designed to both control dust and stabilize soil depending on the method of application. It contains wetting agents, polymolecular agents to neutralize the natural electro-magnetic forces in the soils and a special agent to attract soil particles to each other and assist in compaction. No matter which type of application you choose, dust will be reduced dramatically with ROAD BOSS SC. ROAD BOSS SC seals pores in the dirt to form a hard, durable “coat” which prevents erosion and eliminates dust from flying in the air. It is effective in both Pedalfer and Pedalfer–type soils. ROAD BOSS SC helps reduce the plasticity index of base material, increases the bearing capacity of the base and reduces the effect of chemical and natural degradation of the soil. For dust control, the unique formula means less maintenance and less watering.

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