Company History

From our beginnings in 1927 as Magnolia Chemical, we have grown through the hard work and dedication of our Sales Partners. They are in fact the lifeblood of our business and the face of the company to our customers. What we do in this building directly supports their efforts and without them, we would not have the opportunity to grow and prosper.

Whatever your cleaning, maintenance or sanitation needs are, Arrow-Magnolia can help you. Our national group of Sales Partners and our senior leadership are focused squarely on solving the problems of our customers.

Magnolia Chemical was founded in 1927 and Arrow Chemical was started in 1963. Arrow and Magnolia merged in 1985, forming Arrow-Magnolia International. ChemCo Chemical was acquired in 1990. This merger created the opportunity to become a NASDAQ-traded company in 1992. The solid growth these mergers and acquisitions provided created many new opportunities and brought us some of the best people and ideas the industry has ever seen.

In 2005, the Tippeconnic family bought AMI and took it private, creating Arrow-Magnolia International Inc. This transaction made us a Native American, Woman-owned business.

Our guiding principals in the business are:

  • Be ethical and above board in our business dealings with customers, suppliers, employees and Sales Partners.
  • Be responsive to customer needs.
  • Always listening to the customer and identifying how we can work together.
  • Consistently meeting order fulfillment expectations.
  • Regularly following up with the customer to assure performance expectations.
  • Tailoring chemicals, service, process and/or procedures to meet special customer challenges and issues.
  • Be the best supplier and partner in the industry for our Sales Partners so that they can realize their dreams and goals.
  • Providing best in class products, customer service, and support.
  • Delivering the training and guidance needed to succeed.