No matter the job, Arrow-Magnolia has the perfect cleaning and maintenance solutions for asphalt producers, hauling companies, or contractors.


As a leader of products for the cleaning maintenance of aircrafts, Arrow-Magnolia solutions will ensure that everything is pristine inside and out.


Arrow-Magnolia was a trailblazer in concrete industry solutions. We have products for producers, precast plants, contractors, and trucks.

Oil and Gas

Whether you need to remove grease or concrete or maintain your equipment, Arrow-Magnolia products will cover you from the well to the pump.

Hand Care

Arrow-Magnolia has a range of hand cleaners for every sector. From industrial grime to food products, our soaps get hands clean.

Drain and Sewer

Drain care and maintenance is necessary to prevent long-term problems. Our cleaners and degreasers easily break down clogging materials.

Odor Control

Controlling and removing odor is necessary for every industry. Arrow-Magnolia has deodorants and dispensing systems for you.

Government / Military

Arrow-Magnolia works extensively with government and military institutions to care for the interior, exterior, and vehicles of their facilities.


Housekeeping services are necessary for a variety of fields. Arrow-Magnolia has products that cover everything from disinfection to carpet care.

Restroom Care

Restrooms require special care to address stains, scale, and germs. We provide solutions that keep bathrooms sparkling and disinfected.

Insecticide / Herbicide

It is essential to maintain outdoor spaces. Whether you are fighting weeds or insects, we have the products that will make a great first impression.


As a leader in industrial and institutional maintenance products, we offer premium solutions to keep facilities and equipment running in optimum condition.