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Glo Crete

Glo-Crete: Great product and an even better company to work with… I’d purchased Glo-Crete for use in my home in Austin, TX, on a slate floor that I had just installed. I grew up on Long Island where we had a sealed slate entry in our family home that had never been resealed in 50 years. Everything I had been told was that, “they don’t make products like that anymore”. The formulas have changed and you will have to reseal the floor, every year. 🙁 Well, I am on year 3 with Glo-Crete and there is not the slightest sign of wear. 1 quick coat covered the floor and it is going strong. I was so happy with Glo-Crete I wanted to use it again when I installed a new slate kitchen floor in the same 50 yr. old house on Long Island, with the slate entry. Well, I called a number of tile retailers in NY and could not find anyone that carried Glo-Crete. So, I took a chance and emailed the manufacturer – Arrow Magnolia. Let me tell you, I had the BEST customer service experience EVER. Curtis went above and beyond to ship Glo-Crete to me for my project in NY. You have a customer for life. There are many companies that could learn a lot from Arrow Magnolia.

– Chris Wiencek

Brake Magic II

Yes sir, great stuff, I bought an AK-47 from a buddy that never cleaned thing, I used a bit of the can that was here and it devoured the cordite, carbon, and all the built-up breaking grease instantly, very little physical scrubbing involved. Then the mechanic you sent a can to used it on an older aircraft that was prone to leaking and he removed all grease without even using a rag.

– James Dickey

Lemon 8

I have used the Lemon 8 cleaner on several occasions where very tough grease in our kitchen has built up over time. The grease and dirt come off easily and completely. What is more amazing is that it will not dull or affect any surface that I have used it on: stainless steel light fixtures, hood fan, kitchen cabinets. This product removes really nasty built-up grease and dirt and has not hurt or adversely affected the stain on our kitchen cabinets. In my 62 years, I have never seen anything that compares to this cleaner, nothing. Most importantly, it is 100% organic! – Ron Bozich