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MICRO CLEAN-GREEN is the latest in green cleaning technology that combines the cleaning power of the most effective heavy duty cleaners without the VOC’s with the ability to actually bio-remediate hydrocarbons. MICRO CLEAN-GREEN removes and remediates hydrocarbon-based waste from any solid surface. It is a combination of organic bacteria and dispersants that work together to break down hydrocarbons and remove them from the surface. Hydrocarbon digestion begins as soon as MICRO CLEAN-GREEN is applied and continues even after the product is washed off. The byproduct of this reaction is water, carbon-dioxide and fatty-acids. MICRO CLEAN-GREEN has an outstanding environmental profile. It is readily biodegradable and contains a surfactant system that has superior penetration and removal of oil and grease particulate soils. MICRO CLEAN-GREEN can be used for cleaning trucks, heavy equipment, parts washing and used in refineries and gas plants, also in areas where microbes are utilized to break down hydrocarbon waste.

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