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Bioremediation is the process whereby microbes are utilized to breakdown waste, in this case, hydrocarbons, into non-hazardous compounds such as carbon-dioxide and water. This can be accomplished in many ways, the most common being adding nutrients to stimulate the bacteria naturally present. This process has several drawbacks; the main one being the bacteria present may not be the best ones available to breakdown the hydrocarbons. Problems such as this can be eliminated by adding specific bacteria in extremely high concentrations along with nutrients to metabolize the hydrocarbons. LFS-1 contains seven different types of bacteria that digest (metabolize) hydrocarbons. These bacteria are naturally occurring in nature and pose little or no health risk to the environment or other living organisms. They work in concert with each other to accomplish their task of metabolizing hydrocarbons. Rates of metabolism vary greatly according to the type of hydrocarbon (chain length and complexity) and certain physical factors. Some bioremediation jobs are completed in as little as 30 days, while others take longer. LFS-1 can also be used in bioreactors where hydrocarbon contaminated soils or waters are pumped into large vessels and aerated until hydrocarbon levels drop to acceptable levels.

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