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DRI-SLIK is a unique formulation for use on surfaces that require lubrication without the after-effects of a wet, greasy residual film. Uses include conveyors, open gears, king pens, sliding surfaces, couplings, belts, pulleys, chains, Also excellent for coating parts to prevent corrosion during shipping and yet have them lubricated and ready disulfide formulation which dries to a hard, black coating very quickly. It adheres to most all substrates, especially metal, with minimum surface preparation. The non-chlorinated formula resists wear and abrasion, provides high lubricity, gives excellent extreme-pressure properties ( up to 10,000 psi) and is stable at extreme temperatures, both high and low. Typical applications for this moly lubricant are chain lubricating, maintenance on furnaces, kilns, ovens, conveyors, gasket coatings, and mold release, etc. Very good anti-seize lubricant for head bolts, muffler clamps and pipe threads. Holds up under temperatures as high as 750 ̊F.

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