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HI SLIP is a highly concentrated Polymethyl siloxane, broad-spectrum lubricant which finds uses in all types of industrial, institutional and commercial applications. HI SLIP can be used in literally every lubrication situation where an effective and economical lubricant is required to assure proper functioning of the contacting surface. HI SLIP can be used in the food processing, meat packing, dairy, textile and clothing, furniture, printing, vending and many other industries where all types of equipment and machinery are operated for blending, packaging, cutting, grinding, cooking, wood working, sewing, etc. Miscellaneous areas of usage are hotels, motels, restaurants, schools and similar circumstances where desk drawers, file cabinets, windows, doors, tables, etc. require effective lubrication to maintain optimum operating condition at all times. HI SLIP can be considered the “Universal Lubricant” which finds application in all types of situations including food processing procedures of all types.

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