Aviation Cleaning Products

Arrow-Magnolia has a hard-earned reputation for top-shelf aviation cleaning products. We are a leader in the development of chemicals for cleaning baked-on carbon, dirt, bugs, soot and grease from the exterior of all aircraft. At the same time, provide superior cleaners for the interior – from carpets and headliners to chart covers and windshields. These tools and products are also used for the purpose of removing offensive odor and avoiding the spread of dirt and contaminants on your aircraft.

Carbon-X, one of the most trusted and well-known products in the world of aviation has been a mainstay in our line-up. It is the cleaner of choice for hundreds of FBO’s and private operators. One of the best known aviation cleaners in the world, CARBON-X has been trusted for decades by those who are serious about maintaining their aircraft. It is a water soluble, biodegradable, non-flammable, non-toxic concentrate, that can be used in pennies-per-gallon dilutions to outperform other cleaners. Pleasantly scented, and stainless, it leaves no oily film or residual gumminess. Safe to use on metals, electrical insulations and most painted and plastic surfaces. It will pay for itself in its virtually unlimited applications by replacing many obsolete degreasers with one all purpose cleaner. Approved for use as aircraft exterior surface cleaner: Douglas Aircraft CSO #1; Boeing D6-17487 Revision L.

Arrow-Magnolia is a proud member of the National Business Aviation Association. Founded in 1947 and based in Washington, DC, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) is the leading organization for companies that rely on general aviation aircraft to help make their businesses more efficient, productive and successful.

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Interior of a commercial airplane cabin with blue leather seats.