Can be bought as 4×1 gallon, 7 gallons or 55 gallons.

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KWIK SAND  is formulated specifically for the concrete industry to remove hardened concrete from trucks, equipment, forms, hoppers, pumps, tools, etc. KWIK SAND  works without harsh acids like Sulfuric, Hydrofluoric, Muriatic and Phosphoric. It is so safe that it is classified a Non Hazardous by the DOT. It has been formulated to remove large amounts of concrete build-up quickly. KWIK SAND  will remove 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch of concrete at a time.

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4X1 Gallon Jugs – $22.99/gal, 7 Gallon Pail – $21.99/gal, 55 Gallon Drum – $12.99/gal