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CHLOR-O-KLEEN degreaser/cleaner is a high foaming heavy-duty concentrated liquid formulated with bleach and high alkaline builders to quickly remove carbonized and fatty proteinaceous soils and blood stains from floors, walls and food processing equipment. CHLOR-O-KLEEN cleaner degreaser is specially compounded for use in poultry, meat and seafood and other food industries CHLO-O-KLEEN offers the following user benefits: Bleach Cleaning Action: formulated with sodium hypochlorite to provide fast cleaning action, and quick protein removal and de-staining, etc.…. Grease Cutting Alkalinity: high alkalinity in CHLOR-O-KLEEN provides extra heavy duty cleaning and degreasing power. CHLOR-O-KLEEN’s buffered alkaline components react with fats to emulsify, suspend and remove fatty soils, greases, oils and carbonized soils. High Foaming aids grease release. Specially selected foam builders extend cleaner contact time. Animal fats, grease and blood roll away with a quick rinse. CHLOR-O-KLEEN leaves no insoluble residue on walls, floors or equipment. Surface safe: when used as directed, during normal cleaning cycles, is safe to use on aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel surfaces. Versatile: works well in hot or cold water, hard or soft water. A special “booster” ingredient neutralizes even very hard water. Formulated with environmental needs in mind: Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, Non-Caustic and Biodegradable. Economical: when used at the recommended dilutions CHLOR-O-KLEEN is economical and cost effective. *When used according to label directions, this product is approved for use in USDA Inspected Meat and Food Processing Facilities.

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