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The Brisa Fresca line of products represents a break-through in deodorant technology. It combines the best features of malodor deactivator products with the power of bacterial and enzymatic odor eliminators. Brisa Fresca products not only smell great, they actually eliminate the source of the malodor by digesting and liquefying organic wastes. No matter the source of the malodor organic grease, fats, carbohydrates, sewage wastes, urine, smoke, rancid stale food, pet odors even mildew. It attacks both airborne and surface malodor molecules creating a chemical reaction for instant neutralization and destruction of nearly every offensive smell. Recommended for tough odor problems found in hotel rooms, restaurants, lounges, designated smoking areas in offices, airports and bus depots, apartments, hospitals, nursing homes and health care facilities, factories, garages and mobile home parks. It is also excellent at reducing and eliminating odors, decrease B.O.D. and C.O.D. and keeping waste matter liquefied and free flowing in places like sewage treatment plants, waste water treatment facilities, hotels and motels, septic tanks, chemical toilets, grease traps and in drain lines.

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