Insecticide and Herbicide

Arrow-Magnolia’s reputation for quality chemicals and unmatched personal service has lead to the supplier of choice for a number of the nation’s top golf courses.

This same reputation of quality is available for anyone who maintains exterior grounds areas. Our Proganic line of fertilizers can be paired with all you will need in herbicides; from the strongest soil sterilants to the most cost-effective and specialized weed control products.

Our insecticide line is also deep and strong with the best of aerosol and liquid offerings. Whether you want to kill them at a distance with Cold Kill wasp spray, keep them off with our Bug Off Pro or get them where they live with many of our liquid insect killers, Arrow-Magnolia has the solution for you.

If you’re interested in maintaining ponds and lakes, we offer several options for both lake dyes, water clarification and weed control products.