Arrow-Magnolia offers a full line of products designed to ease the burden of working with asphalt. Whether you are a large asphalt producer or a hauling company or even a contractor actually working on the job site, we offer solutions for your cleaning and maintenance needs.

As we all know, asphalt sticks to almost anything it comes in contact with. The key is to properly coat trucks and equipment with a safe, reliable asphalt release agent. Arrow-Magnolia offers a number of alternatives, from the industries most cost-effective product—Super Slick Bio, to other specialized alternatives. We also offer the latest in application technology, from hand-held to drive through systems.

Removing asphalt after it has stuck to trucks and equipment is a time-consuming, difficult task. From good, old unmodified to the latest in plasticized blends, our products stand up to the task and make life easier for you and your people.

Maintaining a fleet of trucks, an inventory of heavy equipment or a plant takes plenty of maintenance and support. Arrow-Magnolia can help with a variety of maintenance solutions—high strength degreasers, heavy duty lubricants and greases, absorbents and odor control alternatives are just a few of the solutions we can help you with.

Arrow-Magnolia is a proud member of the National Asphalt Pavement Association and several other associations.

Asphalt Release Agents are chemical products developed and manufactured as alternatives to diesel and solvents commonly used for cleaning equipment associated with Hot Mix Asphaltic Concrete (HMAC) production and placement on government and private facilities.

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