Markets We Serve

Arrow-Magnolia has held an enviable lead position in products used by the telecommunications industry for cleaning, maintaining and refurbishing equipment.  We supply virtually all of the major telecom companies with a number of products.

The highly technical nature of working in and around electronics is one of our strengths and we offer a full suite of products to fit your needs.

From the latest and safest safety solvents such as DP Contact Cleaner and Contac to the best glass cleaner in the business-Telephone Booth Glass Cleaner, we work with electronics manufacturers.

Our disinfectant cleaner, Mafix and our ice removal product, Ice Rid have been trusted for years in the telecom industry.

For refurbishing and cleaning equipment our most popular and trusted product trio: Lemon 8 adhesive remover, New General Telephone Cleaner and the cleaner/polish Glayzit have been used reliably for decades.

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